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Welcome to the Contagion walkthrough. Today, I'll walk you through the new Source-based game that is pretty fun if you play with friends. So, lets get started!

Game Modes

There are 5 game modes in this game.




Panic (Objective)...

And Panic (Classic).

The first one I will go over is Escape, a co-op objective based game mode.

Game Modes - Escape

So first things first, you pick your character then you can jump right into action.

When you do spawn, it'll tell you some directions about your phone.

Press B to see your phone and see what the objective is. And yes, the vending machines will come in good use.

Press the button with the action key and some ammo or another item will pop out.

It feels like zombies from COD and It pretty much is.

By the way, there are A LOT of barricades.

The phone will vibrate and tell you what wave you're in.

Just protect the barricades and you'll be fine. But make sure to check all levels and rooms.

Because as you can see, this is a pretty big map. I suggest have friends to play with you!

Game Modes - Extraction

Check your phone for where survivors could be. The point of this game mode is to find survivors and survive ril help comes.

My only survivor I could find was upstairs.

They come in really fast so try really quickly to board up the house.

I fail at that and they come in.

Tips: Close the door and don't go outside.

Also, have positions of where your teammates should be.

If you die, or your survivor dies, game over.

Game Modes - Hunted

Since it's PvP, I joined a public server.

So, the point of this game, instead of killing zombies, you kill other players.

Me and this guy kinda just stared at each other for a few seconds and didn't really know what to do.

So we killed zombies together.

Tip: Don't trust anyone. I died as soon as I left him. Just collect as much ammo as possible and run.

Game Modes - Panic (Objective)

So, I couldn't find a server to join but pretty much all you do is go through the objectives and make sure some players that are zombies aren't gonna get you.

Tips: Work as a team and make sure you don't leave a man behind. And use your phone to find your way out.

Game Modes - Panic (Classic)

Again, there were no servers to join.

Tip: Make sure you don't lose anyone. Use your phone to find the zombies and kill it before it infects anyone.

So thanks for looking at my walkthrough and I hope you enjoyed this game! Game on!


If you wanna start a game, make sure it's a listen server so other people can join.

Think of "Escape Mode" as Zombies in Call of Duty if you've played that. Very similar to it.

Use the vending machines often in Escape mode too.

As soon as you find a survivor in Extraction mode, board up the place fast so you can survive.

Hunted is purely PvP so as soon as you find another player, shoot.

Make sure to do your objectives in Panic (Objective) mode.

And make sure you have friends to play this with. Enjoy!