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Diablo 3 Walkthrough Act IV

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Walk forward and talk to Tyrael.

Enter The Vestibule of Light. Prepare your skills for a boss fight.

Right off the bat you'll be fighting one of Diablo's commanders, Iskatu. He doesn't have any abilities to worry about. Just wait for him to come out, damage him, he'll run away, then he'll come back and rinse and repeat while killing his shadow minions.

Follow the path and talk to Itherael when you reach him.

Enter the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier.

Explore this area until you find the Library of Fate. Another boss fight with one of Diablo's commanders. Prepare yourself and enter.

Rakanoth has two abilities to watch out for. He'll spread ghostly daggers in a cone in front of him and he'll teleport onto you and smack you sometimes, like the Skeleton King did back in Act I.

After you finish him off, go to the back of the room and break Auriel's Prison.

Talk to Auriel after they finish talking.

Enter the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier.

Destroy the corruption in this area until you find this Hell Rift. It's random which corruption holds the Hell Rift so just destroy any that you can find.

Hammermash will be guarding the Rift Oculus. He's an Elite Boss and his only attacks are a power slam in front of him which has a really long wind up time but hits very hard. Kite him around and kill him.

Destroy the Rift Oculus.

Enter the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier.

The portal to the next Tier is available now. Search for it and enter it.

Kill more corruption here like you did in the 1st Tier and find the Hell Rift.

Sledge will be guarding the Rift Oculus. Same as Hammermash, kite and kill.

Destroy the Rift Oculus.

Enter the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier.

Search for where Tyrael is fighting and help him out. The minimap should have an arrow pointing to where he is when you enter the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier. Talk to him after you kill everything around him.

Enter The Crystal Colonnade.

After the cutscene, go to the back and enter the Gateway to the Silver Spire.

You'll run into the ghosts of people who have died since you began your journey. If you talk to them, you'll have to face an Elite Boss, but they're purely optional. It's just Diablo's way of trying to instill terror into you.

Reach the Silver Spire Level 1 and enter it.

Find and enter The Great Span. Go to the back of the area and you'll be fighting another one of Diablo's commanders, Izual. This poor guy has died like a bunch of times now. He used to be Tyrael's lieutenant but then got killed by Diablo and then by players in Diablo 2 and now by you, hopefully! Anyway, he has two abilities he'll do throughout the fight. The first will probably be these ice balls on the ground that explode really quickly and freeze you in place so be constantly on the move during this fight.

And he'll also do this explosion of frost which will inevitably freeze you (unless you have an item or ability that prevents you from being frozen). I got unlucky here and he did both the ice explosion and ice balls under me a second later so I was frozen for a good 10+ seconds.

After you kill him, go to the Northeast and enter The Silver Spire Level 2.

Explore this area until you find the Pinnacle of Heaven and enter it.

After the cutscene, talk to Tyrael.

This is it. The Lord of Terror himself. Prepare your gear and skills, this fight will be a long one.

Walk to the end of the hallway and the fight will ensue after a cutscene. He has four main abilities to watch out for. The first is a fireball he'll throw at you. If it hits you or anything, such as your pets, it'll explode and deal damage within its explosion circle constantly until it fades. The fireball actually hit my Bat in this picture.

Watch out for the black corruption on the ground. After a couple of seconds of it being on the ground, it'll trap whatever's inside in a bone cage and Diablo will teleport to you and deal a lot of damage to you while you're stunned. Diablo will cast this, and while he's vulnerable when casting this ability, focus on moving because he'll continue to spawn the black corruption under your feat untill he catches something or doesn't and gives that up.

He'll do an explosion of fireballs radiating outwards from his body. The gap between each fireball increases as they travel but it's almost impossible to dodge if he casts it while you're near him. Rule of thumb for fighting this guy, always be on the move and always keep your distance unless you're a melee Hero, but still be on the move even then.

The final ability to watch out for is this spray of electrical fire. He'll do it in a cone towards you like this. Just go clockwise or counter-clockwise around the arena and you can avoid the damage until he finishes casting it, but he won't cast this ability until after you defeat Shadow Diablo, which will be explained in the next picture.

When you do enough damage to Diablo, he'll stun you and teleport you to his Realm of Terror. There you will have to fight and kill a Shadow version of Diablo who will have all the abilities I've mentioned that normal Diablo can do. Sometimes he'll disappear and summon a Shadow Clone of yourself who will have some abilities of your class. Kill the Shadow Clone to force Shadow Diablo to come back. Once you kill him, you'll be teleported back to fight Diablo again.

Talk to Auriel to finish the game.

Congratulations on beating Diablo III! More adventures await those who have the DLC Reaper of Souls. Hope this guide was helpful and enjoyable! There is tons of content to explore in the world of Diablo III. Have fun!