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DotA 2: Farming and Warding Walkthrough Useful Items and Spells

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Sometimes, some of the heroes' spell can be use for quick farming. For example, pugna, nature prophet, doom, legion commander, enigma, lycan, naix, etc...

These heroes excel in farming thus make it more efficient and effective hero for farming. There are several heroes that can straight to farm natural creeps due to the spell.

Item such as Quelling blade is very helful in farming especially for melee hero.

This item give extra damage dealt to creeps / natural creeps. Higher damager for melee than ranged hero. If you already pro at farming, this item only waste of money. Try not to depends too much on this item.

Another item that actually quite good if you underfarmed which is Hand of Midas. This item can be used on creeps that gives you 190 gold and 2.5x experience from the unit you used on.

To use this item efficiently, use it on high level natural creeps. How to know that? It is usually bigger than other. You should able to differentiate it. Any bigger creeps/nc are higher level than small. Keep that in mind.