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Driver: Parallel Lines Walkthrough Chapter 21: Ramraider

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You set out for the mission but you get attacked by armed men.

So you need to get out of the place.

Just drive as fast as you throught the men.

Lose the tail following you.

You can just kill them by shooting the vehicle.

Then you get to the place and kill the remaining enemies.

Job is done attackers are wasted.

Now you are given this car and are said to hit blinks shops.

You can look at the map for shotcuts to get as fast as possible.

Onreaching there you start shooting all the boxes and men inside.

Do not get into the shops since the shutters are closing.

Now you get out of car and get inside the shop on foot and start shooting the boxes.

After the complete destruction of first shot you get to second shop.

You need to get to the location before the time runs out.

As usual you start shooting and do not get inside the shop.

Later you finish the job by going on foot inside the shop and start shooting.

Finally you hit the third shop.

You get inside all destroy all the items.

Now its time for you to get out of there.

However you catch a tail.So you need to lose it.

Shoot at them continuously to destroy their vehicle.

Finally job is done you have wreched all slink shops.

Now you shift your base for another job.