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FIFA 14 Walkthrough Goalkeeper - Resuming the Game

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Throwing the ball is the easiest way of resuming the game and passing the ball to nearby players. It's also a good way of beginning a fast counter attack by throwing the ball to a running player. In order to resume the game with a throw, press the pass button and point the direction and strength with which the ball will be thrown.

A long shot is the most popular and at the same time the easiest way of resuming the game and quickly moving the focus onto the enemy's side. A well played ball and a won battle in the air can get you a chance of a fast and surprising attack. In order to shoot out the ball, press the drop kick button and fill the strength meter depending on how far you want to kick the ball.

Resuming the game with a pass is the easiest way of passing the ball to the player closest to the goalkeeper and at the same time making sure that the ball doesn't end up in the enemy's possession after a lost header fight. In order to resume the game with a short past, press the pass button and choose the direction in which you want to send the ball. Look out for enemies charging from behind the player to whom you're passing.

Sometimes the situation will require you to pass the ball back to the goalkeeper because of a lack of other possibilities. When you do, you have to make sure to kick it out as fast as possible. Of course the easiest solution here would be passing to a nearby player, but remember that goalkeepers usually aren't great in terms of technique and even the simplest pass can cause them some trouble, especially under enemy pressure. Don't risk losing the ball - in dangerous situations, just kick the ball out of the field to give your teammates time to regroup.

Positional play

A good positional play starts, first of all, with a creative and sober-minded playing the ball in the defensive line. In case of no options to play the ball towards the opponent's half, try to exchange several passes between your defenders - sooner or later this will draw the opponent's attention, who will be more and more encouraged to leave their positions and moving towards the goal, which will create a few additional variants to play the ball. Try then, to play a long pass perpendicular to the forwarding opponents or pass the ball to the playmaker, who will be able to extend the attack to wings or towards the penalty field.

1-2 passing in a small area is one of the best and, at the same time, immensely flashy way to confuse the opponents trying to seize the ball. Playing the bal in a small area requires you to make decisions quickly and, above all, a good idea about what should follow. Try to exchange short, swift passes (red arrows) between players within short distance, and eliminate, at the same time, those of the flayers from the defensive play, who do not follow your actions anymore and start roaming. After you have exchanged several passes, try to use the available options and variants to play the ball (blue arrows), which often create an opportunity to launch an interesting attack along the wings.