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FIFA 14 Walkthrough Advanced Defence Techniques

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Overtaking an enemy is a hard technique which requires you to foresee the possible variants of the enemy's behavior. It's worth trying to run in front of the enemy and taking over the ball during a pass, especially on the enemy's side - the defence gap ca

Often attacking the enemy individually isn't enough - there's always a change that the enemy will dribble past you or pass the ball to a teammate. That's when you should use your own teammate's help which will eliminate the possibility of passing the ball and limit the enemy's options. This tactic is especially effective when the enemy is nearby a corner - taking over the ball with two players is much more effective and easier then. In order to use your teammate's help, press and hold the contain button.

Blocking a shot in the penalty with a sliding tackle is exceptionally difficult and very risky - carelessly sliding into an enemy in the penalty zone automatically ends with a penalty shot the only way to succeed is performing a completely tackle. Timing is essential here, as you have to slide right at the moment when the enemy is preparing to make a shot - in the penalty zone, the difference between a foul and a clear intervention is measured in split seconds, you have to somewhat predict what your enemy is going to do.