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FIFA 14 Walkthrough Basic Techniques

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The sliding tackle is one of the most effective and radical techniques of regaining the ball - well performed, it lets you immediately stop the attack of your enemy and usually gives your team members a good chance of returning to their normal position, as it often causes the ball to leave the field. In order to perform it, press the sliding tackle button. Always try doing a clean tackle - a badly performed sliding tackle can result is receiving a yellow or even red card. Avoid tackling from behind, sliding into a running enemy without much thought. However, if the situation is hopeless and the only chance of stopping an enemy is a sliding tackle from behind, you should try taking the risk, especially if you're winning.

Tackling is the easiest way of stopping an enemy action - it's a great way of using physical superiority in a direct duel. Stopping the with your leg lets you perform an immediate counter attack. In order to tackle the ball, press the tackle button.

What's the best way of getting rid of a ball going directly into the penalty zone? It's of course knocking it away with a firm header. Half of success here is properly setting yourself against the ball and covering the enemy to whom the ball is heading - even if you can't manage to intercept the ball, you will disturb the enemy and make scoring a goal much harder. In order to clear the ball out of the penalty, press the header button. Avoid shooting the ball to the area in front of the goal - it might end with an immediate shot at the goal which can surprise your goalkeeper.