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FIFA 14 Walkthrough Passing

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A short pass on the surface of the field is the easiest, and most reliable, way to pass the ball between players. To perform it press the regular pass key and indicate the direction in which the ball is to be passed. Use it while playing the ball in the r

A long pass is especially useful to perform swift counter-attacks and plays in order to with the intent to let the ball through the player that it was originally aimed at. To perform a long pass, press and hold down the short pass key and specify the direction in which you want to pass the ball.

The lobbed pass is a perfect way to play the ball if you want it to go above the players standing in the way of a regular ground pass, and also a perfect choice in situations when you want to get the ball to the other half of the field. To perform it, pre

A perpendicular pass over the surface works perfectly when you want to pass the ball to an empty field and use the player attempting to use the uncovered area - this especially concerns situations played along the sides of the field. It is also a good way to play the ball to the forwarding forward who is attempting to escape defensive players trying to catch him on the offside. To perform a perpendicular pass over the surface, you need to press the perpendicular pass key and select the direction in which you want to send the ball.

The lobbed perpendicular pass is a good way to avoid defense in the case when you experience problems finding a gap between defensive players of the other team. It is also a great way to perform a swift counter-attack where you can distance the opponents returning to their own half, by performing a lobbed pass. To perform a perpendicular lobbed pass press the perpendicular pass and the modifier - you should also indicate the direction in which the ball is to be sent.