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FIFA 14 Walkthrough Shots

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A strong shot is the easiest way to encourage threat to the opponent's goal. A well-aimed kick that is strong enough, sent into one of the corners of the field, causes massive problems for the goalie, who will have to go to great lengths to prevent his te

The finesse shot is a perfect choice for players with appropriate technical skills who can precisely send the ball into the specific corner of the goal. The technical "spinner" into the selected region of the goal is a chance to avoid the goalie who is desperately defending the goal, and to shoot at the predetermined spot. This is also a great opportunity to use the one-on-one situations by sending the ball next to the goalkeeper in front of you or catch him in half-step to make it impossible for him to react to the attack suitably. To perform this shit, press the shot button and the modifier of the finesse shot, and then the direction in which you want to send the ball.

This attack proves to be immensely effective when performed by a very skilled player. It proves to be effective mainly in situations when the goalie walks off the goal, goes down and tries to shovel the ball from you - then, sending the ball over him usually ends in scoring a goal. This is also a good way to finish the attacks at the moment when you take a shot at the empty goal and a defender attempts a desperate slide to defend the shot. Lobbing the defender slightly helps then prevent failing a 100% chance at the goal. To perform the chip pass, press the shot key and the modifier, and indicate direction in which you want to send the ball.