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Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough No Gods, No Masters

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After telling Yes Man that you are ready to go to the dam, you will immediately start the quest on the western end of the dam with a Securitron. You will have to keep going straight and fight your way to the Hoover Dam offices.

Once you have reached the second (and the last) tower, go inside.

Take the elevator to the Hoover Dam Offices.

You will have to pass a Speech check of 75 or else you will have to kill the NCR Troopers.

Afterwards, install the second override chip into the large terminal at the end of the room.

Once you've installed the override chip, Yes Man will inform you that you will have to blow up the dam's generators.

Head inside the Hoover Dam's Power Plant #1.

Overload the generators and blow them up.

Exit the builiding and head to the Legate's camp.

Once you're inside the Legate's Camp, go uphill and meet Lanius.

You can kill him, or convince him to surrender with numerous Speech checks of 55, 65, 75, 85 and 100.

Return to Yes Man with the good news.

The credits will roll in afterwards.

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