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Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough Render Unto Caesar

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Vulpes Inculta, one of the trusted men of Caesar, will meet you outside the casino. He is going to give you 'The Mark of Caesar' and tell you that Caesar want to talk to you at The Fort.

You will have to travel to Cottonwood Cove.

Once you've reached Cottonwood Cove, go and tell Cursor Lucullus that you're ready to travel with him. This is the only way of reaching The Fort.

After you arrived at The Fort, enter Caesar's Tent.

Caesar will give you the Platinum Chip and tell you to head inside Mr. House's vault and destroy anything you find down there.

Head to the vault, which is located at the end of the Legion's Camp.

Insert the Platinum Chip into the Weather Station Console.

Head downstairs and explore the vault.

That will complete the quest 'Wild Card: You and What Army?'

Exit the bunker and head back to Caesar.

Talk to Caesar, who is going to let you punish Benny as a reward for the work you've 'done' for him.

After talking to Caesar and punishing Benny, head back to The Strip and enter inside the Lucky 38.

Once you've entered Lucky 38's penthouse, on the left wall there is going to be a terminal. Activating the terminal is going to result in opening a hidden door.

You will have to take the elevator to Mr. House's control room.

After unsealing the chamber, you can choose to let Mr. House alive or take him out.

Once you've dealt with Mr. House, head back to the Tops Casino. Yes Man is going to be in front of the casino, waiting for you.

Go and talk to him and let him know Mr. House has been taken out and that you're ready for him to join you at Lucky 38.

Once you have reached the Lucky 38 casino, Yes Man is going to show you a demonstration of the upgraded version of Securitrons.