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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough 17 - Down In The Docks

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Meet Buck at the marked location.

Once you enter, keep going straight and turn right. Jump on the box and climb using the rope.

From here, dont go down. If you go to search for something, climb up again and continue.

Jump to the other side and keep going.

Now, through this stairs and go down..

Through this tunnel.

Get out from the water and clear this area if you like.

Keep going and clear the next area.

When ready, use this switch to explode the door.

Get out from the water by climbing up.

Keep going and follow the linear path.

To solve the puzzle, just press both switch.

One door will be half open, so, you have to enter through the other door.

Shoot or melee attack it.

When water rises, enter another room and do the same.

Now, you can continue and grab the piece of compass.

Through this small path on the left.

Get out through here. [END]