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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough 5 - Mushrooms In The Deep

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Come to the Dr. Earnhardt's place.

Enter this building beside the big house.

Enter the house and go upstairs.

After the conversation with the Dr inside the house, you have to find a cave mushroom. Just head to the waypoint shown in the minimap. It shouldnt be far.

Enter the cave...

Jump down...

There's no way underwater. Go to water surface to get some air and continue find the path as shown in the map.

Climb up...

Dont jump again, but find tree roots to go up again.

Just go straight. Ignore the halucination.

When the halucination ends, you'll find the mushroom. Take it and get out from here.

Find a way to go up.

Enter this building again and meet doc.

Get into the house and talk to Daisy. [END]