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Welcome to Goat Simulator walkthrough! This game walkthrough will cover most of the game basics. Click "Next Page" to continue.

Basic Movements

The basic movements are already shown at the loading screen. Even though this game does not provide step by step tutorial, but this picture is more than enough for you to fully master the controls of a goat.

Quest - Baa

To complete this quest, simply press "1" on your keyboard three times.

Quest: Jumping

Complete this task by jumping over anything that can be jumped over. Example this metal bar.

Quest: Airheight Easy - Medium - Hard

Find a trampoline and jump on it. Trampoline can make your goat fly to a height up to 21 meters.

To complete normal and hard airheight quest, the goat must be transformed to demonic goat. Go to page "Goat Transformation - Demonic Black Goat" to view details about the transformation. Or simply go to space. ;)

Quest: Airtime Easy - Medium - Hard

To easily complete this task, go to the ...

Low Gravity Testing Facility near the gas station. You can jump over through the boxes at the gas station.

Inside the low gravity field, toggle the ragdoll mode and allow the goat to fly around.

Fly and move slowly. You may need to do several times because the randomness of the movement.

If you succesfully do that, it should complete all the airheight quest. For alternative way, view page "Goat Transformation - Demonic Black Goat". You can also complete this quest in space.

Quest: Car Accident

Stand in front of any car or truck and let it hit.

Once you've been hit, it will complete the task.

Quest: Goat Castle

Go to page "Goat Transformation - King of Goat" which cover this quest.

Quest: Ritual

Go to page "Goat Transformation - Demonic Black Goat" that show details on how to get this quest done.

Quest: Flipping Easy - Medium - Hard

To easily complete this task, go to the low gravity testing facility.

Keep flipping while in the low gravity field. Land by the feet not head to complete this task. :)

You can complete this quest in one try if you do correctly.

Quest: Micheal Bay

Go to the gas station, and kick or headbutt any pump or the car. It should destroy the buildings and also completed this quest.

Knocking Easy - Medium - Hard

Find a ball anywhere, and headbutt or kick the ball.

Try to kick the ball to a car or unknown places that may trigger the bug. Sometimes, the bug can complete other unrelated quest too. Usually, you can complete this quest by raging attack everything., without noticing you already completed this quest.

Quest: Trash The Goathenge

To find the Goathenge, go through the crops field. You can find it outside this place but you've to go through it first.

If you find the toilet here. go to the right by follow the wall. It will lead you to the right place.

This is it.

Complete the quest by destroying it.

Quest: Biggest Combo Easy - Medium - Hard

For higher score, go to a house and hit everything like mad. The purple colored is a bonus score which you can find at at almost every place.

Keep hitting anything and change different object after hitting the same object to keep the score multipler flows.

Quest: Total Score Easy - Medium - Hard

Total score is quite hard and takes time to finish. Repeat "Biggest Combo" style to get higher score.

Extra: Goat In Space

Go to house besides the gas station. Enter the garage.

Like B(e)acon then head to the crop field.

Near the power line, there's a crop circle (ufo trace).

Go near the empty side of metal rod. The beacon will automatically attach. Then, lick the beacon.

When the UFO ship arrived, it may throw the goat away. Quickly go back here.

Press jump to enter the ship.

After you enter the space ship, it teleported you to the space. The only way to go back to the earth is respawn. To maximize score, use combo with this method. :)

Quest: Collectibles

The overall map of Goat Simulator. Credit to goatsimulator.gamepedia.com.

1. Behind the goat at the tower to the castle.

2. In the Goat Castle. On a box.

3. Shed near the road.

4. Jump on the fan from place no 3 (Shed near the road) and land on this power line. Seems impossible but not really. :)

5. Also from (3), jump on the fan and toggle ragdoll. It will boost your speed and height then head to the top of the power line tower.

6. Behind the protestors at the neighbourhood area.

7. Behind the giant rock near the "Ritual" area.

8. Left to the giant rock, below the power line tower.

9. On the roof of Coffee Stain Studio's house.

10. Inside the Coffee Stain Studio's house. Second floor. In a room, on a table.

11. In a greenhouse.

12. On a brach of the twin trees. Jump using the nearby trampoline and toggle ragdoll.

13. Behind the shed near the pool. (School shed)

14. Between the water slides.

15. On top of the diving board.

16. On the bell at the house right to the pool. Jump on this house using the nearby trampoline inside the dry pool.

17. In a house (treadmill in the garage). Second floor, in one of the room.

18. Head to the crop field, go to toilet and it sits right besides the toilet.

19. Turn right and move along the wall. You'll find one there.

20. Near the combine harvester machine. On the right side (if you're standing in front of the machine).

21. At the big hole on the ground.

22. Inside the garage of the gas station.

23. Inside a opened blue container.

24. Inside the Low Gravity Facility. Use the jetpack at the curved ground. (Scaffolding in LGF)

25. Inside the ventilation system. Make sure the goat properly alligned in the center.

26. On the roof of the Low Gravity Facility.

27. On the highest floor of the construction building.

28. On top of the crane.

29. In the blue hanging container. Be sure not to getting kicked out by the robot guardian inside.

30. At the tree in the middle of the crop field.

View the full video tutorial on how to get all collectibles here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGj6H_s7Ono
Credit to GameplayHow.com.

Extra: Flappy Goat (In-game Video Game)

Go to the Coffee Stain Studio at the neighbourhood. You can find this house easily because not all house can be entered.

Go to the second floor.

You'll see a LCD TV. Go near that TV even though it is off.

Once you close enough, the game will automatically turned on and you can play it by pressing "R".

Goat Add-On - Jetpack

Go to the contruction site.

Climb the ladder up at the left warehouse.

Jump on the fan and ...

While flying, move the goat to the fan on the house at the left.

If you do correctly, the last fan will send you to the highest level of the construction site.

Go down one level by jumping on the mattress.

Be careful not to throw yourself out of this floor. Now take the jetpack and enjoy.

Goat Add-On - Pitcher

At your respawn site, turn to the left and you'll see a small tennis court.

Enter here and go near the pitcher, it'll attach to the goat. Have fun shooting baseball! :)

Goat Transformation - King of Goat

At the respawn site, take a look around there's a tower.

Keep going to the top and enter the through the small path.

You'll reached at the Goat Castle.

Keep going straight and jump on the throne.

It'll transformed the goat to King Goat. To exit the castle, just move around and the goat automatically kicked out from this place.

Goat Transformation - Demonic Black Goat

From the respawn point, move camera to the tree house. Keep going that way.

You'll see bunch of houses in the neighbourhood. Keep going...

Climb up the hill. Notice that at the right side there's a party.

Go down to the left path that'll lead you to the ritual place.

You have to bring 5 peoples and put them inside the circle area.

The ritual will be start after few seconds after you gather enough sacrifices.

The goat will be transformed to black goat. Now you can activate demonic power by pressing "R".

Demonic power tips: Activate the power by pressing "R" and toggle ragdoll mode, "Q". This will make the goat fly away like crazy and can complete your quest like airheight hard and airtime hard.