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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Walkthrough Card Passive Abilities

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Cards may carry passive abilities in form of keywords. Learning them is the first step to understanding the game better.

Battlecry - This keyword is specific to minions. Once the minion is played on the field, the card text will get resolved.

Combo - This keyword is specific to Rogue. Combo is like Battlecry, but instead of having Battlecry resolve by itself, you need to play any other card from your hand and then play your card with Combo, to get it to work.

Taunt - Minion specific, your enemy is forced to attack minions with taunt first, before attacking anything else, but spells can ignore it. A simple strategy, but you can protect high priority minions with weaker minions, that have taunt.

Enrage - Once the minion with the keyword Enrage has taken damage, the text is resolved.

Silence - You can silence minions with this. A minion that has been silenced loses all of its special abilities and go back to its default attack/health.

Divine Shield - When a minion has divine shield, it will ignore the next instance of damage done to it.

Windfury - Windfury lets your minion attacks twice during one turn.

Overload - Overload is a Shaman specific keyword. Normally cards like that look like they cost way too low mana for what they do, but what overload does is it locks away a number of mana crystals for your next turn, making them useless for one turn, depending on the number after the keyword.

Choose One - Druid specific keyword, after using the mana and playing the card, you can pick one of the two conditions that are named on the card.