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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Walkthrough Currencies - Gold and Arcane Dust

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There are two ways of getting new cards in Hearthstone. Those are either getting packs, or crafting them. You can get packs for 100 gold each from the store, or get them from playing in The Arena. The Arena is a way more fun way and way more efficient than buying the packs from the store.

To craft new cards, you need to disenchant your old cards and get Arcane Dust out of them, or get extra arcane dust from playing arena. In the end you will need to disenchant extra cards.

There are Unique, or Hidden quests in Hearthstone that grant you more Gold but can be completed only once. Here is a list : Complete a game in Play mode. 1 Card Pack Play 3 games in Play mode. 100 Gold Get any class to level 10. 1 Card Pack Disenchant a card. 95 Arcane Dust Enter The Arena 1 Arena Credit (Free Round) Acquire every Pirate. 2x Captain's Parrot Acquire every Golden Pirate 2x Captain's Parrot(Golden) Acquire every Murloc. Old Murk-Eye Acquire every Golden Murloc. Old Murk-Eye (Golden) Win 100 games in any mode. 300 Gold Win 1000 games in any mode. 300 Gold Unlock every Hero. 100 Gold Using the Store Gelbin Mekkatorque (Golden) Defeat every Expert AI Hero. 100 Gold Collect every card in the Basic Set. 100 Gold Collect every card in the Expert Set. 100 Gold

Even if you want to go to The Arena, you can't before getting 150 gold. To get gold, you need to complete Daily Quests or win 3 games = 10 gold. You can check your quests in the Quest Log.

To get Arcane Dust by disenchanting, go to "My Collection" and click on a card you want to disenchant, you cannot disenchant Free cards. Look under the "Card Rarity and Costs" section to get an idea of what you'll get from disenchanting.