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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Walkthrough Main Menu

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Pre-Menu screen you get when you log-in. It shows you the daily quests. You get two quests per day, which grant you gold upon completion. You can swap one quest for another from the main menu if you think you cannot complete it.

In the Main Menu you have a bunch of buttons. On the bottom left you can see the Shop and the Quest Log. Right below the Menu, you can check your current Packs or you can see your Collection of Cards so far. In the middle of the Menu there are 3 buttons.

Quest Log - Your Quest Log shows you your Play Mode Wins and Total Arena Wins aswell as your Hero Levels. Here you can swap quests that you don't like for others, you can only do this once per day.

Shop - Here you can buy card packs for real money or Gold that contain 5 Expert Hearthstone Cards and atleast 1 Rare per pack. You do not need to do this, packs can be gained through Arena aswell.

Open Packs - Here you can open the packs you currently own, just drag them from the side to the middle of the screen and drop.

My Collection - Here you can view your current cards, build your deck and craft new cards. Crafting new cards requires Crafting Dust.

Play - On this menu you pick your pre-built deck and either pick Casual or Ranked to play versus other people.

Practice - Here you pick your pre-built deck and play versus A.I to practice new decks.

The Arena - Here you need to either pay real money or use Gold to enter it. You get one pass after paying and it only lasts for 3 losses. The more wins you get, the better rewards you will get at the end, after you lose 3 times or claim 12 victories. Afte