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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Walkthrough Shaman

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Ancestral Healing - Basic (Default)

Hex - Basic (Default)

Windfury - Basic (Default)

Frost Shock - Basic (Default)

Rockbiter Weapon - Basic (Default)

Bloodlust - Basic (Unlocked at Level 2)

Flametongue Totem - Basic (Unlocked at Level 4)

Windpseaker - Basic (Unlocked at Level 8)

Totemic Might - Basic (Unlocked at Level 6)

Fire Elemental - Basic (Unlocked at Level 10)

Hero Power - Totemic Call summons a random totem for 2 mana crystals. There are 4 totems in total that you can get, but you can never have 2 of the same kind. Healing Totem, Searing Totem, Stoneclaw Totem and Wrath of Air Totem.