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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Walkthrough Class Power Ranking and Deck Basic

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#1 Warlocks - Warlock has many different types of decks, but in the end, it's all about Life Tap. The truth is that most Warlock cards are actually weak, so you spam Life Tap along with a lot of neutral cards in your deck, it'll always magically work out. Warlock's two best cards are Flame Imp and Blood Imp. The best and most common Warlock decks use these one mana class-specific creatures to get a better start than most other heroes can manage

#2 Druids - The two main archetypes of Druid are control Druid and midrange Druid. Control Druids are made to win on resource advantage. Ragnaros and Ysera are designed to win you games based on resource advantage and these druids are also equipped with tools to deal with almost any threat. Midrange Druid is based on being able to switch from control to aggro based on the matchup.

#3 Rogues - The standard board control style of Rogue deck(often called Kithros Rogue) is still strong and can compete with Warlock decks for board control due to the cheap, convenient removal of Backstab, SI: 7 Agent, Hero Power, Deadly Poison, and Eviscerate.

#4 Mages - Aggro Mage decks are by far the more common type of Mage that you find at the top of the ladder. Now that Cone of Cold and Blizzard have been nerfed, Aggro Mages have begun eschewing them altogether in favor of creatures to try to take board control. The one innovation we've seen these days in Aggro Mage decks is the addition of Ice Block.

#5 Warriors - Since the Mage-nerf patch, Warriors have consistently been on the rise, with one Warrior in particular, Razor, peaking on NA at the #1 ranking. Many attribute Warrior's recent success to their OTK abilities with various combos, that is those involving Warsong Commander/Charge and Molten Giant/Youthful Brewmaster/Alexstraza/Gorehowl/Bloodsail Raider/Raging Worgen/Faceless Manipulator.

#6 Paladins - Paladin's main weaknesses are the first few turns. It has multiple viable decks but most of those decks have similar matchups overall and while it has a lot of very powerful pieces, it still has to rely on neutral minions to fill in the gaps. Paladin's strength really shines once it gets to the 4-drop spot, but a very aggro heavy environment makes it much more difficult for Paladin to make it to turn 4 without being significantly behind.

#7 Shamans - Shaman is in a very awkward place, as the jack of all trades but master of none. Shaman problems can be summed up into three categories : Lack of flexibility and an all-around deck, The Rise of the Black Knight and A Lack of Healing.

#8 Priests - Priests have been nerfed pretty badly and every other deck outscales them, they have a lot of weaknesses : Weak and unreliable control options so forced to play minion heavy decks. You have really bad matchups vs control and will almost always lose to Control Paladin, Control Warlock, and OTK Warrior. Second worst, maybe worst class legendary in the game, which is such a trap card End game requires a lot of legendaries (similar to most Druids) to be successful which makes it prohibitive for beating the gauntlet (ranks 5-1) for legendary-less Very limited build paths for high level play, you can build most of the classes a couple of different ways but there are very limited options for making a strong Priest build, thus making it predictable.

#9 Hunters - Poor Hunters. Though they were by far one of the weakest classes, at least Hunter had one job, one niche in countering Mages. But with their best card, Unleash the Hounds, taken away from them, Hunters are now left with no purpose and with a

Building a deck - To build a deck you need to go in "My Collection" and click "New Deck" on the right.

It takes you to a menu where you pick the class you want your deck to be for.

After doing so, you want to pick the best cards that you think that will go well in a deck, or use the helper, by just pressing "Suggest a Card" which will bring up a menu similar to the one in Arena, making you draft the right cards for you. You want your deck to have a pretty balanced mana pool, not spamming a ton of early game creatures or just end game cards that cost 6+ mana.

Here is a pretty good Warlock deck, that is not too expensive and you can use after a bit of playtime and disenchanting/enchanting. It's more early than late as with every warlock deck : 2x Soulfire 2x Mortal Coil 2x Power Overwhelming 2x Ancient Watcher 2x Bloodmage Thalnos 2x Loot Hoarder Sunfury Protector 2x Harvest Golem Jungle Panther 2x Void Terror Shadowflame Chillwind Yeti Dark Iron Dwarf 2x Defender of Argus 2x Azure Drake Faceless Manipulator Siphon Soul 2x Argent Commander Ravenholdt Assassin Ragnaros the Firelord