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Heavenly Sword Walkthrough Ch 6 - Heaven and Hell

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Bohan flies in this battle. Once again stay away from him when he is on the ground. I generally roll away from him when he is close. This will really save your health bar. When he flies he will do one of three things. He will either shoot a bunch of blue or yellow energy bolts or he will perform an unblockable dive directly at you.

If you see him dive just roll out of the way. Block whatever energy bolts he is sending at you and send them back to him. These bolts come in very rapid succession. If he is sending yellow bolts at you, you will have to hold down R1 to successfully block them. Press the triangle button to counter the energy bolts. When his life bar is almost out, run up to him and press the O button. This will start yet another button sequence. Complete that button sequence to get to his last color of life.