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Heavenly Sword Walkthrough Ch 6 - Redemption

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This is the last Bohan battle. Once again stay away from him when he is on the ground. He will once again shoot blue and yellow energy bolts at you when he is on the ground.

Counter these and send them back to him. When he is in the air he can send sequences of energy at you as well. Counter these attacks the best that you can.

He changes them up very often, but they usually come in twos or threes. When he is flying he can also send groups of ravens at you.

The camera angle will usually clue you to when this is coming. Use your light stanced attack to kill the ravens. He will also very occasionally fly up and launch himself at you in an unblockable attack. Just roll aside if you see one of these coming.

Get close to him if you see him stop in one place. This usually means that you need to complete a button sequence before you can take his life bar down further. There are three button sequences you need to complete during this battle.

After you defeat Bohan you get the last cut scene which I will not spoil.