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James Bond 007: Blood Stone Walkthrough 1.1 The key to crack the code

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Walk towards the construction site, which is located at the end of the street.

Once you've made it inside the construction site, use your smartphone to locate all the evidences.

After locating all the evidences, walk inside the the cabins and use your smartphone to scan the computers.

Once you've scanned all the computers, a worker will come and tell you to follow him to the foreman's cabin.

After entering inside the foreman's cabin, scan his computer for any evidences.

Shortly after scanning the foreman's computer, it turns out that it was a trap. The workers will try to drop the cabin you've entered into a giant hole.

Escape the cabin as fast as possible, before it gets dropped down into the giant hole.

Once you've escaped the cabin, make your way through the construction site and take out the rest of the enemies remaining.

After taking out all the remaining enemies, make your way down into the underground tunnel.

Once you've made it down into the underground tunnel, you will have to find Professor Tedworth. Use your smartphone to find a way through the underground tunnels, leading to the catacombs.

Shortly after reaching the catacombs, you will have to run for your life and escape the huge drill that has been started by an enemy.

After escaping the drill, keep on going through the catacombs.

Once you've reached the room where Professor Tedworth is being held hostage, a cutscene will start playing. Professor Tedworth is going to get tortured until he tells Bernin the password to the USB drive and get killed afterwards. The mission will come to an end after Professor Tedworth gets killed.