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James Bond 007: Blood Stone Walkthrough Prologue: Change of plans

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After landing on the yacht, take out the guard by shooting him in the head.

Once the guard's dead, head inside the yacht.

Make your way through the boat and try to find Greco.

On your way to Greco, you are going to encounter a few guards. Try to take them out one by one without alerting the rest.

Once you've found Greco, a small cutscene will start playing. In this cutscene Greco will start fighting James Bond, but in the end he will manage to get away.

When the cutscene's over, take out the enemy guards and chase Greco.

After catching up with Greco, he will get on a smaller boat and try to get away. You will have to chase down Greco using a boat. Try not to get too far away from him or else you will lose him.

Take out the remaining enemies and continue the chase on foot.

Make your way through the bar and find Greco.

After making your way past the bar, you will reach a parking lot. Take out all the enemies remaining in the parking lot and take cover behind the enemies when you're hurt.

After taking out all the enemies in the parking lot, you will have to catch up with the S.U.V.

Once you've caught up with the S.U.V on the bridge, ram it and the mission will come to an end afterwards.