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James Bond 007: Blood Stone Walkthrough 2.2 Not all fun and games

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You will start the mission inside a shack. Make your way to the courtyard.

Once you've made it to the courtyard, head inside the building.

After entering the building, head to the server room and hack the mainframe found down there.

After hacking the computer, it turns out that the info you've found on it is not helpful. You will have to scan Pomerov's fingerprint and get a sample of Pomerov's voice.

Once you've successfully acquired Pomerov's fingerprint and voice sample, make your way to the Computer Center.

After entering inside the Computer Center, head to the main terminal.

Once you've made it to the main terminal, you will have to hold your position against enemies until the hack is over.

When the hacking process is over, you will have to escape the room before it gets filled with dangerous gas.

Once you've escaped from the main terminal room, you will have to fight your way and exit the building.

The mission will come to an end after reaching the exit.