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Lemmings Walkthrough Mayhem - Level 4

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This is Mayhem level 4, "Lemmy have another go". You have 10 lemmings and must save 7 of them within 10 minutes.

Make your lead lemming into a Digger, right above the first Builder ability on the platform below.

Make the second lemming into a Blocker. Do this as close to the digger's tunnel as possible.

Make a lemming into a Blocker as it comes out of the entrance.

The Digger will fall below and collect 2 Builder abilities.

Make him a Builder on the right edge of the platform.

Make him into a Builder a second time to clear the pit.

He'll collect a Blocker ability on the right platform.

Then he'll enter a red teleporter.

A few steps after he exits the teleporter, make him into a Blocker.

Turn the Blocker to the right of the trapped lemmings into a Bomber.

He'll explode and take out part of the ground near the tunnel.

If the Blocker's explosion was close enough to the tunnel, the lemmings should have a low enough fall not to die.

The lemmings should exit safely.

Success! Let's move on to Mayhem level 5.