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Lemmings Walkthrough Mayhem - Level 2

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This is Mayhem level 2, "Lemmy down". You have 99 lemmings and must rescue all of them within 10 minutes.

Turn the lead lemming into a Digger a small ways from the entrance.

Make the lead lemming a Builder, building steps over the right wall.

A few lemmings will walk leftward because the steps weren't complete and they turned around when hitting the wall. Make the last left-walking lemming into a Digger, close to the left wall. The lemmings walking rightward below will pick up a Floater ability.

Make the Digger lemming a Floater.

That lemming should then walk into the red teleporter.

The lemming will be cloned. They will pick up a Floater ability.

Make one of them into a Builder before the large drop to the exit.

Make a left-walking lemming into a Blocker before it reaches the red teleporter, but after the spot where the lemmings are falling into the lower area.

The Builder should collect a Basher and Bomber ability.

Increase the entrance rate of the lemmings to 99.

Have a trapped lemming dig through the right wall.

Your lemmings should exit safely.

Success! Let's move on to Mayhem level 3.