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Lemmings Walkthrough Taxing - Level 9

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This is Taxing level 9, "Follow the light". You have 10 lemmings and must save 7 of them within 11 minutes.

Let the lemmings walk rightward and pick up the Builder ability.

Have the lead lemming build steps up onto the right ledge.

The lemmings will climb the steps and continue rightward, picking up two more Builder abilities.

Make the far-right lemming into a Blocker before the edge of the platform.

Turn a left-walking lemming into a Builder to reach the upper platform.

You'll have to use two Builder abilities to make it all the way.

Now your lemmings will walk leftward on this platform and pick up a Builder ability.

After picking up the Builder ability, make that lemming build steps, right before the edge of the platform.

Your lemmings should walk freely up to the upper-left platform now. The first lemming will collect a Builder ability.

On the left side of the upper-left platform, make a lemming a Blocker.

The lemmings will hit the Blocker and turn around. Make one into a Builder at the top of your last steps to reach the upper platform.

Once on the upper platform, your lemmings will collect another Builder ability.

Make your lead lemming into a Climber. As the lemmings continue walking right on the upper platform, they will collect a Digger ability and two Builder abilities.

The Climber will climb over the small wall. While walking right, have him dig under the torch, just as he lights it.

Once your Climber digs down, he should continue rightward.

Have your Climber build steps up to the lattice. If he turns around, you'll have to use another Builder to make him hit a wall and turn around again.

Your Climber should walk up the lattice.

Have him build more steps up to the lower part of the above lattice.

The climber should then exit safely. Now have a lemming Bash the small right wall.

The lemmings should all exit safely.

Success! Let's move on to the final Taxing level!