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Lemmings Walkthrough Taxing - Level 6

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This is Taxing level 6, "Bomb not bash". You have 10 lemmings and must save 6. You have 10 minutes.

Make the first lemming into a climber.

Make the fourth lemming into a Miner on the top platform.

Let the second lemming collect the Floater abilities and fall to his death.

Make the third lemming into a Basher.

The Climber will collect a Blocker ability while falling.

Have the Climber dig down after the impenetrable blocks.

As the lemmings are falling make one a Floater.

Then make another one of the falling ones a floater. Do this when they are apart, so they aren't so grouped together.

Make one of the lemmings into a Blocker on the right.

The other lemming will go left and collect the Blocker abilities.

Make that lemming a blocker as well.

Make each lemming into a Floater. Either set a Bomber at the right time, or put a Blocker next to the wall and make it into a Bomber. It will explode.

The lemmings should be free.

They will float safely below.

Turn a lemming walking right into a Miner.

The lemmings will exit the level.

Success! Let's move on to Taxing level 7.