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Lemmings Walkthrough Taxing - Level 2

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This is Taxing level 2, "Down and out". You have 10 lemmings and must save all of them. You have 4 minutes to complete this.

As soon as the first lemming starts to walk on the blue step, turn him into a Miner.

As soon as a lemming on the right walks leftward on steps, make him a Miner as well.

At the top of the first mining tunnel, make steps going to the right.

The steps should build over the mining tunnel.

The miners should meet in the middle. The miner coming from the left should continue mining.

The first miner will stop when he hits the impenetrable block.

He'll enter the green teleporter, like the rest of your lemmings did.

This teleporter brings them to the exit.

Success! Let's move on to Taxing level 3.