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Lemmings Walkthrough Taxing - Level 1

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Pick Taxing from the main menu.

This is Taxing level 1, "3rd Time lucky" You have 5 lemmings and must save all of them in 3 minutes.

As soon as the third lemming is on the ground, pause and change the exit rate to 99.

Have the third lemming dig downward. The fourth and fifth lemming should bypass the hole.

Turn all the lemmings into climbers, except the digger.

The digger should drop below and pick up a Basher ability.

Have the first Climber Bash under the trap.

Make the lead lemming into a Builder. The lower lemming should start collecting 4 Floater abilities. Give these Floaters to the four Climbers.

Three of the Climbers should exit the level safely.

The Builder should collect the Basher ability and then fall.

Make the left lemming into a Basher.

All lemming should exit safely.

Success! Let's move on to Taxing level 2.