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Lemmings Walkthrough Tricky - Level 10

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This is Tricky level 10, "Don't send me up there!" You have 99 lemmings and must have 100 lemmings finish the level. You have 4 minutes to finish.

Turn a lemming into a Builder above the first set of eyes you see on your platform.

Between the eyes make a lemming into a digger.

One lemming should bypass the digger, have him build steps on top of the second set of eyes.

Most of the lemmings will begin to exit. One lemming will be cloned by the cloning machine, then pick up a Digger ability.

The clone lemmings will walk into the red teleporter.

They will come out onto the top platform. Have one of the lemmings dig on the first set of eyes on the top platform.

The second lemming will pick up another Digger ability.

Have the second lemming dig down at the second set of eyes.

All the lemmings should exit safely.

Success! Let's move on to Taxing level 1.