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Lemmings Walkthrough Mayhem - Level 7

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This is Mayhem level 7, "Take it from the top". You have 10 lemmings and must save all of them within 8 minutes.

Make the first lower lemming into a Climber.

Make the first upper lemming into a Climber.

The upper lemming will collect a Builder ability.

Turn the lower lemming into a Builder, about a block away from the acid pit.

The upper lemming will collect another Builder ability.

Make the upper lemming into a Miner at about the same point you made the lower lemming into a Builder.

Make the lower lemming continue Building.

The upper lemming should fall onto the steps.

They should both exit safely, picking up a Basher ability.

Make one of the lower lemmings into a Climber when it is walking rightward.

This is very tricky and will likely require some practice. Just as your lemming climbs to the top of the block, you'll need to turn him into a Digger to dig downward.

After digging, your lemming will climb up again. Repeat the digging process until the whole block is gone.

You have to be careful not to dig too soon, or too late, or you'll have to start the level over.

Finally, you should clear the entire block, freeing the lower lemmings.

Have the upper lemmings bash rightward.

All your lemmings will exit safely now.

Success! Let's move on to Mayhem level 8.