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Lemmings Walkthrough Mayhem - Level 8

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This is Mayhem level 8, "Light my path oh hero Lemming". There is 100 lemmings and you must save all of them within 7 minutes.

Make the first lemming into a Climber.

He'll climb over a tiny wall.

Have him bash rightward through the wall. When the lightning flashes, move your pointer to the edge of the wall.

When he reaches the right edge, have your lemming dig downward.

Turn him into a Builder a little bit further down than the wall to your right.

If he turns around, you can turn him into a Builder again so that he'll turn around again.

At the top right edge of the pillar you built to, have your lemming build more steps.

Make lemming build again when he stops.

He'll collect a Basher ability at the top of his steps.

This is what your steps should look like. You want them to end right at the top of the second pillar.

Let your lemming fall onto the top of the pillar, off of the pillar, light the torch, then make him a Builder at the edge of the platform.

Have him become a Builder again.

When he reaches the wall, make him into a Basher.

The lemming should exit safely.

Move your pointer as far left as possible. At this position, make one of the lemmings into a Builder. He should end up building rightward.

Increase the entrance rate to 99.

If everything is done successfully, your lemmings should exit safely.

Success! Let's continue to Mayhem level 9.