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Lemmings Walkthrough Mayhem - Level 10

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This is the final level! It's Mayhem level 10, "The length level". There are 50 lemmings and you must save 49 of them within 10 minutes.

Your lemmings will pour out quickly. Make one of the last ones into a digger along the right edge of the water faucet.

When he reaches the top of the trap, turn him into a Builder.

Turn the lead lemming into a Blocker. One lemming should get passed.

Have that lemming dig down before the trap.

The Builder should fall safely to the ground.

When the Digger is about halfway through the platform, turn him into a Basher.

The other lemming will enter the red teleporter.

He will come out of the teleporter in front of your Basher.

When he reaches the very edge of the platform, turn him into a Digger.

When the Digger gets nearly to the bottom of the platform, change him into a Builder.

After building he should collect a Bomber ability. The Basher should finish and start walking rightward.

Both these lemmings should exit safely.

The rest of your lemmings should fall down the pit and enter the red teleporter.

They will come out of the teleporter and exit safely.

Just make the Blocker into a Bomber to get rid of him.

Congratulations! You've beaten the game!