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Lemmings Walkthrough Mayhem - Level 9

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This is Mayhem level 9, "Roar of the big machine". You have 100 lemmings and must save all of them within 8 minutes.

You'll have three entrances on this level. Let the first lemming on the left walk right, turn around at the wall, and then walk left off the edge.

Have this lemming build steps into the wall on the left.

Have one of the lemmings from the middle entrance bash leftward. Have one of the lemmings in the bottom-left area build steps onto the right material that blocks them.

In the bottom-right, build steps rightward. Do this on the connecting joint in the middle of the pipe they are standing on.

Increase the rate to 99. Have the last lemming that comes out the right entrance build steps up to the impenetrable blocks.

He'll turn around after building.

Wait until he turns around and walks rightward again. Then make him a Climber.

He'll walk over the impenetrable blocks.

Then he'll climb the wall on the right.

As he is falling, repeatedly press X to make him a Digger as soon as he hits the ground.

He should dig downward, exposing the exit. Turn him into a Basher just a hair below the platform the exit sits on.

He should bash all the way to the rest of your lemmings.

Have a trapped lemming Build more steps from the top of your steps.

This should connect up to the tunnel the Climber made.

Your lemmings should exit safely.

Success! Let's move on to the final level!