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Limbo Walkthrough Chapter 32

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There are a couple of machine guns here.

Jump across to the right.

Jump down and trigger both machine guns.

Then quickly jump back on to the little platform.

Jump back across the gap.

Wait for the top machine gun to trigger on top of you, and then move away. The idea here is to get one machine gun to shoot the other.

The lower machine gun is now smoking.

Jump back across the gap.

Trigger the upper machine gun again.

Once again jump back across the gap.

Let the top machine gun trigger on you when you are on top of the lower machine gun.

Move out of the way.

The lower machine gun is now gone.

Jump back across the gap, and then continue to the right.

Go down the slope.

Fall off the ledge.

Push one box all the way up to the right.

Run to the left, and jump over the button.

Push the other box to the wall.

Climb on top of the box.

Climb on to the ramp.

Wait for the second box to hit the button.

Push the box up the ramp until it is under the ladder.

You want this box right here. Climb up the box.

Climb the ladder.

Climb down this ladder.

Climb over the box here.

Push the box all the way to the wall.

Run and jump to the ladder.

Climb up the ladder.

Run to the left.

Grab the box and pull it to the right.

Push the box until is it right there.

Climb down the ladder.

Climb over the box.

Once again push the box to the far right.

Jump to the ladder, and then climb up it.

Run towards the top box.

Climb on to the top box.

The box you are on will fly up.

When the box flys up, jump to the right.

You should land on the platform.