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Limbo Walkthrough Chapter 29

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When the time is right, jump up and cross the crusher.

Jump to the next convayor belt.

Hang on the edge of the next crusher.

Climb up when it starts to go down, and run across it.

Jump to the next convayor belt.

Quickly climb over the box.

Climb up onto a box, and slow walk under the worms to get rid of the worm in your brain.

Jump on to a box as it comes up the gear.

Ride the gear up.

Jump to the ladder and climb it.

Flip the switch when the gears are about here going full speed clockwise.

Run and jump on to the gear.

Quickly jump from the gear to the higher ladder.

Climb up the ladder.

Jump on to the next gear.

Jump from that gear to the platform above you.