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Limbo Walkthrough Chapter 27

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Push the gear into place.

Do you ever get the feeling you are inside a giant clock?

The whole world will turn basically.

Wait for the paddle thing to fall out of the way and then go to the right.

Climb on the gear and ride it up.

Jump off of the gear to the left.

Jump down to the area below.

Climb over the box.

Turn the magnet off.

Push the box up the ramp.

Turn the magnet on when the box is about there.

Climb on to the box.

Jump up the cliff.

Hit the switch to raise the gate.

Jump down to the box.

Jump up to the ladder.

Climb the ladder.

Run under the gate.

Push the switch.

Run and pull the box towards the chain.

Climb the box and then jump and grab the chain. You could move the box prior to flicking the switch if you have trouble with the timing.

Hang on the chain while everything rotates.

When the box is under you fall off on to the box.

Ride the box.

Jump off of the box on to the next chain.

When everything quits rotating, swing on the chain to the wall.

Slide down the wall.

Jump down to the boulder.

Jump up to the other side.