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Limbo Walkthrough Chapter 30

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This switch will raise and lower the section that the cart is on. The rails the cart is on become electric when the switch is flicked.

Jump down to the ladder.

Jump off of the ladder on to the ground.

Climb up to the next level.

Grab the cart and pull it to the left.

Place the cart right about there.

Run back to the left. Climb up a little here.

Grab the ladder cart and pull it to here.

push the cart and then climb up on to it.

Jump up on to the ledge.

When the cart is about here, and coming towards you flick the switch. It's a good idea to do this on the first pass of the cart, so it has as much momentum as it can get.

Run and jump to the top of the ladder.

When the cart gets all the way across, jump to the next platform.

Jump over to the switch.

You will fall off the switch and fall onto the cart.

Climb up the ladder.

Run to the right keeping speed with the cart.

Don't hesitate when the saw comes, just jump over it. I know it's hard to time, because you can't really see very well.

You will land on the cart.

When you get here, jump off of the back of the cart.

Grab the cart and pull it to the left.

Climb over the cart.

Push the cart to the left, starting about here.

Climb on the cart.

And then immediately jump to the electric rails.

Run to the right.

Jump off the rails to the safe ground before the cart hits the button to power the rails.