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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Walkthrough 1. Tanker Chapter

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Welcome to the walkthrough of MGS 2! This was the most best-selling game in PS2 history! SO here's a little bit about the story. Since the incident at Shadow Moses, there's been talk about a new Meat Gear project. Solid Snake is out to find out if this is true and if so, how he'll need to stop it. Otacon will show you the basic controls for the game at this time. (Btw, sorry for skipping most of the cutscenes and codec conversations!)

Now, go to the left of you and go down the ship.

Take a right here and there'll be a door.

Take out this guard and proceed down the hall to get to the next area.

Go to the left and tranqulize the guards ahead of you.

Now, go up the stairs to deck B.

There'll be a guard ahead of you. Take him out.

There'll be some stairs at this doorway. Go up them.

Now just head down the hall and take the stairs that are coming up on your left.

Go inside this door.

Run down the room and to the right to go though the door. Go op the stiars that are coming up on Snake's left.

After a brief cutscene, you'll have to fight your first boss, Olga, a Russian colonel's daught er who is in charge of soldiers that are here. Go down the room and there'll be a oor on Snake's right, your left.

Open it to fight Olga.

now, the boss battle. It's fairly simple. Here are some tips.

Try and find some peep holes in between the crates and cargo so you can easily shoot her without her being able to see you and able to attack you.

Also, try to shoot the spotlight because she'll use that to blind you when you advance in the boss battle. And that's pretty much it.

After the battle, you'll get a gun, a USP. Now go back inside and advance to find the new Metal Gear.

Proceed down the stairs to advance to the next area.

Now, go back to the room, up to the door on the right and take the flight of stairs thats on the ther side of the doorway.

Go down this hall and take the flight of stairs down to the next level.

Go follow the hall until you get to this door. Enter it.

Go down the stairs, to the right...

Then take these flight of stairs down to the engine room.

Proceed down the hall and take the door to the left.

Take the flight of stairs and take the next one too.

Now go around this walkway...

And up these stairs.

Then walk across that bridge to the next walkway.

Walk down the walkway and go your left, Snake's right and go up the stairs.

Then enter the door down the walkway and go to this room.

Shoot the control panels so the C4 are disabled and you can walk through.

Make sure to get all three! Now you may walk through and proceed through the door.

Just keep going ahead through this hall...

Until you finally get to the end. Now open this door.

Keep walking down the hall...

Guards will detect you and you'll have to kill a wave or two of them! Use the boxes as cover. There are aso rations and ammo behind you.

Now you'll be through the door that was ahead of you at the hallway. What you're gonna have to do is get past the guards and to where Metal Gear is to take pictures of this new project so you can expose Metal Gear.

When you get through, take pictures of the left side...

Middle of the machine...

And the Marines Insignia

And the left side.

Now upload it onto the computer that will be on the right side of the room.

And that's it! Now a 10 minute cutscene that includes, an old friend, betrayal and lots of water ;-;