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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Walkthrough 2. Plant Chapter

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Now, 2 years after the accident, Raiden, a new agent at FOXHOUND is going infiltrating the Big Shell facility to save the President who was visiting the facility but was captured by a group of terrorists called the "Sons of Liberty". After some background info, advance through the door.

Continue down the hall and into the next area.

Proceed to the computer thing to get your radar on and in the game, change your options if desired.

The Colonel will tell you some basic stuff and you'll get to move on to the elevator.

But the guards will wake up so wait til it opens and hurry!

When you get to the next floor, go to the left side and crawl under the fence to go through the door that's on the bottom left of the screen.

Go down the staris and walk through this walkway and into the door that's up ahead.

Cross the AB Bridge and go into the door that's ahead without being detected.

Go up the room and enter the door after the door that's ahead.

Now go cross this bridge and into the next strut up ahead.

Go down this hall and take a right.

You'll meet Peter Stillman, a bomb defuser in the NYPD. You guys just recieved info that Fatman, one of Stillman's pupils, is apart of the terrorist group and is planning to bomb the plant! So, you'll have to temporarily disable them. Spray them with the coolant when you see them.

Stillman will give you a sensor so you can find them. But I'll show you where they are.

Go to Strut B and into the room ahead.

The bomb will be next to the loeckers on the right side of the room.

Then, go to Strut A and go to the door that's on the bottom right screen.

There'll be lots of pipes to crawl under.

The bomb will be right here on Raiden's left.

Now go to Strut A roof.

The bomb should be on the other side of the gate that's in front of you.

Go to Strut A and go through this door now.

Then cross the bridge and go to Strut F.

The bomb should be in that little space over the boxes tha t's on the lower level of Strut F.

Go to Strut E. Wait by the ramp moving the packages. One will have C4 on it.

Go down the walkway until you get to some stairs. Go up them.

There'll be one underneath the aircraft.

Now go to Strut D to get the last few bombs.

One will be on the seiling by the door which you entered from.

Go down the walkway and there'll be a little door to open. Open it and there'll be some C4.

Towards the end of the walkway, there'll be another door. Open it and there'll be another C4 in it.

Go up stairs and go to the left, Raiden's straight and there'll be a door to the bridge.

The last one will be in Strut D in the bathroom.

But something will happen! There's another bomb! You'll have to hurry to where you first strted the chapter at Strut A.

The bomb will be in front of where Raiden is.

Now go down the hall into where the elevator is.

Here, you will meet Fortune, the woman who kille dthose soldiers on the bridge earlier. just avoid her attacks and you'll be fine.

After Vamp comes and you kill him, you'll go up in the elevator and have to go to the roof of Strut E and get the last bomb.

It'll be in the middle of the roof of Strut E.

You'll now have to face Fatman which is pretty easy.

Shoot him in the body a few times til he goes down.

Then shoot him as many times in the head.

Fatman will also be planting C4 bombs as you battle him so make sure you find them before they blow up. And that's it. Defuse the bombs and shoot Fatman in the body til he's down then in the head.

After you defeat Fatman, he will reveal that there is one last bomb. It will be under him. Move his body to defuse it.

Then, the Cyber Ninja will visit you giving you the soldier's outfit and tell you where the President's main security agent is. You'll have to wear that outfit when going into that building. You'll also have to recieve the gun that they have, an AKS-74U.

The gun will be in Strut F, downstairs in the room to the right of the little hallway.

Now proceed to Shell 1 with the gun in hand and the diguise on.

The panels on the bridge will release after you walk on it so get to the other side fast!

Make sure you don't bum into any of the soldiers or you will be detected.

Go down this hall and take a left and there'll be a elevator.

Go to the B2 Floor.

There'll be a Directional Mic where the computers are at which is just down the hall from the elevator.

Now take the elevator to the B1.

Then, get ahold of an enemy when they're close to the eye scanner thing on the right.

And Raiden will scan their eye on it so you can proceed.

You'll have to point the mic to the hostages. This one will be it. He'll be located down the room.

They'll find out who you are and you'll have to go to the elevator and go to the 1 Floor.

Now go back to Strut F and get the PSG1 that's upstairs and in the room on the right.

Now go to Strut D and go through this door that leads to the Shell 1-2 bridge.

Then you can use the sniper to shoot the C4's and the enemy turrets so you can cross the bridge.

Solidus will attack you with a helicopter. Just like the first MGS, use your Stinger Missile Launcher to destroy the helicopter.

Go off the edge or go to the lower level when they rain missiles over you.

And that's pretty much it!

Walk on that pipe and up ahead will be a walkway on the side of the building. Walk on it to get to Strut L.

You'll have to shimmy the walkway since it's broken. Then go up the ladder to get to Strut L

The walkway is a little broken so hurry walking to it!

Also, amke sure the guards dont see you through the window.

Go up the stairs to the main bridge and take this bridge to Shell 2.

When you get inside, go around the building to find the elevator.

Take the elevator to B1 floor.

It'll be flooded! But the Nikita Missile Launcher will be in there.

Go through the first two doors ahead to get the Nikita Missle Launcher.

Now go back the way you went from and get back to the 1st Floor.

Shoot the Nikita missles through the vent and make sure it goes all the way to the room that the President is held at.

Make sure you don't hit the President and you destroy the panels that control panels for the electricity to the floors.

Now walk across the floor that was with an electric current and into the door ahead to save the President.

After the President died and told you info about the new Metal Gear called Arsenal Gear, go back down to the B1 Floor.

Go down underwater again to find Emma Emmerich.

Take the first right...

Then a left...

Then the first left.

And another right...

Now a left...

The door to the right is the way to go.

After avoiding the obstacles, there'll be a door on the other side to open.

Those will lead to stairs that lead to the door to where Emma is.

But Vamp will be there. So here are some tips on how to defeat this boss.

Do melee attacks repeatedly by going in then out. If you can't really do that just shoot and run.

And that's about it!

More swimming to do.

Go through the door...

Take the first left...

And another...

Thats it :P

Now go the exact way back with Emma on her back.

And, there ya go!

Spray the bugs away since Emma is afraid of them.

Or chokehold her like I did xD

Remember to go back to the 1st floor.

Go all the way around the building to get out. There will be guards so watch out!

Spray the coolant on the bridge so the fire will give out.

You'll now arrive to Strut L.

Open the door to proceed to the nextr area.

This will lead you down to the Oil Fence where you'll have to watch out for Emma as she walks her way to the other Strut to go disable Arsenal Gear.

First shoot out the claymores that's ahead of her...

Then take out the guards at the towers...

More claymores further along the bridge...

Then the aerial enemey turrets. The enemies and turrets keep coming back so watch for that. That's pretty much it!

Pliskan will also be watching out for Emma.

Then, Vamp will come out of the water and get Emma! You must snipe him before she dies!

But even after Vamp gets shot, it's too late...

Now go back to Strut E...

Open the door to proceed.

Then through the door on the right of you.

Now go back upstairs and get to the EF Bridge.

Then get to Shell 1.

Get to the elevator to advance.

You'll get captured by Ocelot and Solidus. You will also be stripped down naked...awkward...

Like in the first MGS, you'll have to repeatedly press a button to regenerate strength to survive the torture.

Olga will come in and tell you she'll free you in a while.

Since Solid Snake has your stuff you'll have to find him. Exit out the door to the right.

Make sure the guards don't see you since you can't really do anything naked.

Keep going up the hall...

There'll be some stairs on the left of you around here. Go up them.

Now cross the bridge to the other side.

Now go down this walkway.

Then enter this door.

After various codec calls, Snake will finally arrive.

Snake will give you your stuff and a sword that will be Raiden's main weapon and it's the most effective.

You'll have to get to where Arsenal Gear but there'll be a lot of soldiers to defeat before you get there.

Then advance through the doors.

Now some more soldiers before you get to Arsenal Gear.

Then go up the ladder where you'll be in a weird virtually area. Solidus will talk to you about everything that's included in the game.

You will now have to fight three Metal Gear's at the same time. This seems hard but it's simple. Just avoid the attacks a lot and when they're preparing attack, get them! And that's it.

Then a big cutscene will happen. Make sure to watch it. But we're skipping that. after Arsenal Gear sinks or whatever, Solidus and Raiden gets dumped on a building. You, son and father will fight to the death.

Here are some tips, hit then go back out. Run around a lot so he doesnt hit you. And that's pretty much it.

That's it! You've completed Metal Gear Solid 2: SOns of Liberty. You should watch all the cutscenes and the credits since there's a little scene at te end. I hope this walkthrough helped and I hope you enjoyed this game. Thanks!