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Mini Ninjas Walkthrough Level 4b - Snow Castle

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Move forward.

Go cross the bridge.

As you can see, you cant enter the castle through this door. Then, find another alternative way.

The key is blue petal flower. If you found it, then you can climb the rock near it.

Clear this area.

Open the door and proceed.

Enter through here.

Break this paper wall until the end of way.

If you found the Jizo statue, then find another door. There's a nearby door.

This is the door. Get outside.

Clear this area.

When finished, open the doors. There'll be severals door.

Now, you've to clear this area. Tip: Finish the enemies at the side first. Ranged attacks can really hurt before you do anything.

Leave the spearmen (kill them later with arrows) and move to another side and finish them off.

Finally, open this door. [END OF LEVEL]