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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Myifee Mission 5

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Mission 5. Pholya Flatlands. At the start of this mission, you will be ordered to rescue the Temple Knights. Fight your way to the green highlighted dot on your minimap.

Once you reach them, some more enemies will attack from the south. As you fight these enemies, you will get a cutscene. Afterwards, you will be ordered to cut off the enemy reinforcements, and a square area will be highlighted on the minimap.

Fight your way to the highlighted area. Once you reach the area, you will be told to keep the enemy from crossing the bridge and a block rate will appear at the top of your screen.

A good way to deal with this is to stand near the bridge and fight the enemies in that area, so that they will have more trouble getting past you. Once you kill enough of the enemies, you will be ordered to join Epharr and an area will be highlighted on the map to show you his location.

Before you head over, go a short ways north east of the bridge to get a weapon inside a chest.

As you head toward Epharr you will hit a foggy area. There are a lot of mages inside this area so be careful. As you get closer to Epharr's location, there will be a cutscene. Afterwards, you will be given instructions to kill VigkVagk.

Once you defeat VigkVagk, there will be a movie scene. Then a group of enemies will attack you, and you will be given directions to destroy the enemy.

Kill Leuu and his companions. After a scene, the mission will be over. You have now completed all of Myifee's missions.