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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Aspharr Mission 2

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Mission 2. Eaurvarria Mountains. When you start this mission, you will be rushed by a large group of enemies.

After fighting them for a while there will be a short cutscene. You will now be separated from Inphyy and you are forced to take the northeast route to the highlighted area in your minimap.

When you go far enough down the path, you will hit a point where the path splits into four directions. After a cutscene, you will be instructed to find and destroy the Goblin wizard.

Before you go northwest, you will want to go through the north path and the east path. I would suggest going through the east path first. As you go along these pathways, be sure to look for chests. At the end of the north path is an Earth Pike. If you haven't gotten another weapon yet, you'll want to equip that one. Now head up the northwest path. As you go up the path, you will come across some boulders.

Attack the boulders to take out some of the enemies. When you reach the highlighted area of you minimap, there will be a cutscene and Inphyy will rejoin you. You will then be ordered to destroy the enemy.

After killing enough enemies, Inphyy will run northward. Follow her. When you reach a group of enemies, there will be a short cutscene. You will need to kill the Troll before the messenger arrives.

You are given about 95 seconds (at least it appears to be seconds) to kill the Troll. Once you kill it, the messenger will come. After a movie scene, you will be given the option between going to the Castle of Varrvazarr and going to Fort Wyandeek.

The choice for your third mission is final. Once you make the choice, you cannot play the other third mission from that save. You would actually have to make a separate game save and beat the second mission over again if you wanted to play both third missions. Also the mission you chose does have an effect on the story for Aspharr. Both missions are covered in this guide. Fort Wyandeek is the easier of the two missions, so I will start with it.