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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Aspharr Mission 4

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Mission 4. Phoyla Flatlands. At the start of the mission you will be ordered to destroy the enemy.

Head northward toward the approaching enemy. After fighting these enemies for a short period, enemy reinforcements will head towards you.

As you fight them, enemy reinforcements will start coming from multiple directions. After fighting a little while longer, a cutscene will ensue and Myifee will join. Almost immediately after this, there will be another cutscene and a enemy group will appear at the far north-end of the map.

Head toward these enemies. After you reach the enemies, kill Leuu.

After you kill Leuu, there will be another cutscene. Afterwards, a large group of enemies will appear in the northwest corner of the map. As you head toward the enemies, you will be instructed to defeat Dwingvatt.

Be cautious while fighting Dwingvatt. He moves very quickly, but he does not have much defense. After you defeat him, you will be instructed to repel Dwykfarrio.

Once you beat him and he runs away, the mission will be complete.