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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Dwingvatt Mission 2

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Mission 2. Ice Gate You will start out next to a gate with instructions to break through the ice gate.

essentially, you need to kill all the enemies around the gate until the gate endurance drops to zero. As you kill enemies, more groups will come through the gate. Towards the end of a gate's endurance, a group of enemies with a general enemy of some sort will come through the gate. After fighting enemies for a while at Gate One, Vyarrhartenn will appear.

Once you defeat Vyarhartenn, head toward Gate One. Upon approaching the gate, there will be a cutscene. You will appear on the other side of the gate with the gate now closed. You will now be informed that Gate One has fallen.

Head toward the green highlighted allies on your minimap. When you reach the allies, Gate Two's endurance bar will appear at the top of the screen.

As with Gate One, kill all the oncoming enemies. After fighting for a while, Vyden will appear and you will be given orders to defeat him.

After you defeat Vyden, you will get a cutscene. Afterwards, head northeast to the newly highlighted (in your minimap) allied group.

These allies are at Gate Three. When you get to them, start killing all the enemies around the gate as you did with the last two gates. After fighting for a while, Vyertenn will appear.

After you defeat Vyertenn, you will be ordered to head toward the Ice Gate.

Head toward the highlighted area in your minimap. It is worth noting that although you did not go through Gate Four or Gate Five, you can go through them if you wish. You can see their location on the minimap. They are the two pathways with gates on them that you did not go through. Both of them have useful items and are fairly worthwhile to go through. As you approach the Ice Gate, there will be a cutscene in which the Arrphann summon their dragons. Afterward, the Ice Gate's endurance will appear at the top of your screen.

After you kill enough enemies in this area, Lord Vydenn will arrive. Approach Lord Vydenn and fight around him for a little bit. After a short scene, Myifee will appear. You will be given instructions to kill Vydenn.

The mission will end after you defeat Vydenn. It is worth mentioning that Dwingvatt's ultimate weapon is located slightly northeast of the Ice Gate. You will acquire it by knocking down a certain pillar like structure.