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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Dwingvatt Mission 4

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Mission 4. Phoyla Flatlands At the start of the mission there will be many groups of enemies in front of you, and you will be given orders to destroy the enemy.

Once you kill enough of them, a bunch more will appear slightly north east of you.

After a little while, Myifee will appear with a group of enemies and move towards you. Once you kill him, there will be a cutscene. You will be informed that enemy reinforcements have appeared in the south. You will then be ordered to rescue Dwykfarrio.

Once you rescue him, VigkVagk will lose control and you will have to defeat him.

After a little while, Inphyy and Aspharr will appear. Quickly finish off VigkVagk, and then focus on them. I found it easier to kill Aspharr, and then fight Inphyy. The mission will end once you do. You are now finished with Dwingvatt's missions.