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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Klarrann Mission 3

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Mission 3. Phoyla Flatlands. At the start of the mission, you will be surrounded by the Forces of the Night.

After you defeat them, there will be a cutscene. You will then have groups of Goblins attack you from the east and a group of allies headed toward you from the west.

As you attack the goblins, you will be informed that an unknown force has appeared.

Head toward the northeast and kill the Forces of the Night. As you fight them, you will get a cutscene and Dwingvatt will appear in the south eastern area of the map.

After you defeat Dwingvatt, a cutscene will ensue. Then a large group of the Forces of the Night will appear northward.

Once you defeat all the Forces of the Night, there will be another cutscene. Afterward, you will be instructed to defeat Pyurrot. She is located in the south-eastern area of the map

Defeat her to end the mission. You are now finished with all of Klarrann's missions.