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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Tyurru Mission 2

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Mission 2. Eaurvarria Mountains. This mission is basically a huge obstacle course. You are going to be using her flying ability (AAA) a lot during this mission. At the start of this mission you will be told to move to the rally point.

All you do is fight through the path and avoid the obstetrical until you reach the highlighted area on the minimap. As you make you way along the path, you will come across some boulders. You can move boulders with your water attack.

Rolling boulders is helpful when fighting enemies. You might notice that there is an extra pathway in the center of the map. You can avoid it altogether and go around the edge of the map. If you go to the top of the center of the map, there are some chests.

At the final pathway, as you near the highlighted area, you will reach a part where there is a small opening eastward.

Inside this small area is a pile of boulders held up by some wood. Get behind it and attack it to send the boulders rolling into the main pathway. As you get closer, you will get a cutscene. Then a Troll will attack you.

A good way to beat the troll is to stay in the slightly open area of the path.

There are a lot of boulders here. Try to get a couple shots in, then fly away. Always stay out of his range. If you can, get behind a boulder and hit it at the Troll, then get behind another boulder and repeat until he is dead. The mission will end after you defeat the Troll.