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Ninety Nine Nights Walkthrough Tyurru Mission 3

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Mission 3. Fort Wyandeek. After the mission starts, head toward the enemy. As you are fighting, you will be instructed to kill the Goblin corporals.

The corporals will be highlighted on your minimap. Head eastward and defeat the corporals. Once you have finished, the far western gate will open up as well as the final central gate.

Head toward the highlighted area. Go through the western gate and continue up the path. When you near the second highlighted square, there will be a cutscene and you will be informed that a Goblin wizard has appeared.

The wizard is the enemy highlighted on your minimap. After you defeat him, there will be a cutscene showing the other allies entering the area you are in. You will then be ordered to defeat the Goblin wizards.

Once again, the Goblin wizard group has a yellow circle around it on the minimap. Once you defeat the first one, another wizard will appear. Once you beat the second one, you will get a movie scene. Afterwards the final wizards will appear in the highlighted area at the end of the center of the map.

This mission will end after you kill the three wizards.